Major Indian Political events or changes: 2013 – 2017

Updated 3rd January, 2017

Events or changes 2016

  • India & Pakistan on brink of water wars
  • US, and Japanese nuclear deals
  • Britain woos India
  • Russian defence deal
  • India orders 36 fighters and 4 maritime spy planes
  • Continuing water security issues with China
  • Modi earns spot with youth with Social Media
  • Indian and Nepalese leaders mend fence
  • India and US plan joint patrols in South China Sea

Changes 2015

  • Modi has achieved a lot in his first year, but less than expected
  • Modi on the move:
    • Visits central Asian countries
    • Visits Mongolia, South Korea and Japan
    • Obama visits during Republic Day celebrations
    • Sri Lank, Mauritius, Seychelles, UK charm visits

    India and Pakistan considering joining China’s security bloc

  • Major labour law reform underway
  • Parliament more productive than ever
  • Promises funding for Mongolian infrastructure
  • 31m law suits backlog – courts resisting change
  • Sri Lanka nuclear pact
  • India will set the climate change agenda, says Modi
  • $20bn set aside for food welfare programme
  • Geopolitics – India and Japan agree on rail and nuclear deals

Changes 2014

the most significant political change is the election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister in May.  Since then, in our opinion, he has achieved and initiated more changes than all his predecessors put together!

Changes 2013: mainly derived from –

Major political events or changes in 2013:

  • Aam Aadmi Party (Common Man Party) made a stunning debut during Delhi polls as they won 28 out of a total of 70 assembly seats. Kejriwal will be amongst the youngest chief ministers in India.
  • Lokpal (anti-corruption): In a rare agreement between the two major national parties – BJP and Congress made Lokpal a reality after 46 years of wait.
  • Young voters: In recently held state elections a high voter turnout was recorded. The chief election commissioner V.S. Sampath believed a significant enrolment of young voters in the electoral rolls has resulted in the unusually high voter turnout in the state polls.
  • Poor year for Congress: In 2013, the Congress has lost in six out of total nine states went for polls. Interestingly, barring Karnataka, Meghalaya and Mizoram Congress couldn’t increase its tally of MLAs in any state.
  • Internal strife continues:
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3 Responses to “Major Indian Political events or changes: 2013 – 2017”

  1. Needed – your Declaration of Intent – NOW !

    A few months back , Planning Commission had prepared a scheme to distribute free smart phones to 71 million poor families
    Recently , Kapil Sibal has submitted a scheme to distribute ( of course , free ) to children studying in Government schools ,
     25 million smart phones
     9 million tablets ( computers )
    That would cost , somewhere between Rs 7,000 Crores to Rs 10,000 Crores
    Earlier this week , a group called Smartnamo , has announced two models ( Safron 1 / Safron 2 ), of smart phones in honor of Narendra Modi
    I believe top brass of BJP are considering to distribute 20 crore of these phones to youth between the age of 18 to 25 – free of cost , of course !
    At Rs 1,000 per phone , BJP would need to raise Rs 20,000 Crore for this project
    No problem !
    India’s “ Businesses / Industry “ would oblige , since 75 % of industry-leaders want Narendra Modi to become the next PM
    And these phones are believed to come pre-installed with a mobile app , ( called , VotesApp ? ) which will enable the young owner/voters to vote in 2014 National Elections , by simply touching the VOTE button , having finger-print recognition ( ala , Apple’s iPhone 5C )
    Now , here is the most likely “ political specification “ of these phones :
    Irrespective of , whether the owner / voter is residing and registered in Kashmir or Kanyakumari or anywhere else , the vote will get cast in favor of the local BJP candidate !
    That would be one way to garner 275 seats in the Lok Sabha !
    More seriously speaking , BJP will miserably fail to deliver on its corruption-free , Good-Governance promise , if it gets voted to power with less than 275 seats .
    Secret behind NaMo’s success story in Gujarat , is BJP majority in local assembly. No relying on corrupt coalition partners to carry out any reform !
    And to get that kind of “ Absolute Majority “ , BJP must stop promising freebies and publish its ACTION PLAN for the first 100 days in power
    TV opinion polls notwithstanding , even NaMo euphoria will fade away , if BJP continues to shy away from publishing , before October-end , its “ Declaration of Intent “

    • Hemen parekh [ 19 Sept 2013 ]


  2. Hemen – many thanks for your contribution. Good to hear the views of ‘people on the ground’ as it were.



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