Major Chinese Social & Cultural events and changes: 2013 – 2017

Updated 3rd January, 2017

Major events or changes, 2016

  • Divorce is up significantly
  • DIY construction, now illegal still causing many deaths due to collapse
  • Muslims who are ethnic Chinese (the Hui) seem to have better deal than Uighurs; probably because of historic ability to flex.
  • Chinese are largely optimistic about future unlike most other nationalities

Major changes in 2015

  • Aging population could shrink workforce by 10%
  • Road rage tops 17m in 2015
  • Fossils found in caves rewrites ‘out of Africa’ story]
  • China slaps one-year ban on ivory hunting trophies
  • Fewer candidates for government employment, possibility to reduced opportunity for graft
  • Fewer candidates for party membership, possibly due to party aim for quality over quantity
  • Transparency International Corruption Index
  • Social reform:
    • China abandons one-child policy
    • 13m Guangdong migrants may gain permanent residence status by 2010
    • Medical insurance to increase major illnesses
    • Increase in retirement age
    • 1m couples apply for second child
    • Evidence of increased birthrate
  • Internal strife continues:
    • Xinjiang :
      • Continuing unrest and police reaction
      • 6 shot dead
      • Turkley accused of aiding dissidents / terrorists
    • Tibet :
    • Other
      • Fake Apple factory shut down
      • Potatoes promoted over rice due to less use of water in growing
      • Smoking ban in Beijing
      • China’s drug abuse quantified and is one of world’s highest
      • Plan to double number of doctors

Major changes 2014

Major changes 2013

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