China Daily Mail

In the new cold war, it could be seen that there are two groups: the autocracy camp, centring around China, Russia and the SCO, and the democracy camp, centring around most western democracies in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea. This article will focus on the autocracy camp.

China: Well-known for persecution of dissidents. Examples: Extralegal house arrest of blind rights activist Cheng Guangcheng; Hunan democracy movement leader Li Wangyang imprisoned for 23 years and died a weird death (described in my post Bizarre “suicide” in Hunan of June 4 leader is suspected murder); and too many other examples, though there are people inside the Party fighting for democracy and human rights.

Russia: Much better than China in having universal suffrage, but Vladimir Putin wants to be always in power by various tricks and restrictions of people’s democratic rights For…

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