* Robot restaurant established in China

AAJ News: “Robots bringing up food, doing dishes and preparing food, doesn’t it remind you of a cartoon from the 90s called ‘The Jetsons’? What if the very same concept is no longer fiction but something real?

A restaurant in downtown Harbin, China, Owned by the Harbin Haohai Robot Company, has 18 types of robots, each sliding out of the kitchen to serve your dish, with specialty robots including a ‘dumpling robot’ and a ‘noodle robot’.

The restaurant has become a center of attraction due to its specialty of having robots performing various tasks, from cooking to serving and even singing while you have your dinner.

Chief Engineer Liu Hasheng, said they invested 5 million Yuan (about £500,000) in doing the restaurant, with each robot costing 200,000 to 300,000 Yuan (around £20,000 to £30,000). Having costly robots serving the dinner might seem like a costly idea but that isn’t the case. The average cost of a dinner is £4 to £5, with over 30 dishes on the menu to choose from.

Liu Hasheng, comments, “Staff in the computer room can manage the whole robot team.

‘After the busy times during the day, the robot will go for a “meal”, which is electricity’. Liu added that after a two-hour charge the robot can work continuously for 5 hours.

The first robot restaurant established was also in China; in a city called Jinan, which had a dozen of robots that served food and drinks and also danced and entertained customers.”

via Robot restaurant established in China | AAJ News.


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