* Wuhan airport to build new terminal

China Daily: “A new terminal will be built in the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport before 2015 to meet increasing passenger demand in Central China’s Hubei province, local media reported on Friday.

The project will cost about 16 billion yuan ($2.5 billion), and will occupy an area of 370,000 square meters with a 3,600-meter long and 60-meter wide runway, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reported.

The new runway can guarantee the safe takeoff and landing of the Airbus A380, the report said.

The project, already approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, will start construction before October. The terminal will be built in a flying-phoenix shape, representing local culture.

A parking apron with capacity for 60 planes will also be built, the report said.

According to airport data, more than 12 million domestic and foreign passengers arrived at, or left from, the airport last year, only 1 million less than the airport’s capacity of 13 million.

The airport is expected to receive about 14 million passengers this year.”

via Wuhan airport to build new terminal |Society |chinadaily.com.cn.

The current Wuhan airport was only opened in 1995, and a new one is planned for2015 – looking to the future.

London Heathrow was built in 1929 and expanded to its modern configuration after WW2. It is limited by its two main runways. Yet, after years of debate, neither has a decision been made to build a third runway nor has an alternative solution been discussed seriously – there being so many contenders ranging from expanding Gatwick or another nearby airport or even expanding provincial airports like Manchester or Birnmingham; plus a proposed contentious new airport in the Thames Estuary favoured by London Mayor Boris Johnson. Case of looking to the past?

See also: https://chindia-alert.org/economic-factors/chinas-infrastructure/


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