* Will China Ever Be No. 1?

Foreign Policy: “Will China continue to grow three times faster than the United States to become the No. 1 economy in the world in the decade ahead? Does China aspire to be the No. 1 power in Asia and ultimately the world? As it becomes a great power, will China follow the path taken by Japan in becoming an honorary member of the West?

English: Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew of Singa...

Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore,  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite current punditry to the contrary, the surest answer to these questions is: No one knows. But statesmen, investors, and citizens in the region and beyond are placing their bets. And U.S. policymakers, as they shape the Obama administration’s pivot to Asia, are making these judgments too. In formulating answers to these questions, if you could consult just one person in the world today, who would it be? Henry Kissinger, the American who has spent by far the most time with China’s leaders since Mao, has an answer: Lee Kuan Yew.

Lee is the founding father of modern Singapore and was its prime minister from 1959 to 1990. He has honed his wisdom over more than a half century on the world stage, serving as advisor to Chinese leaders from Deng Xiaoping to Xi Jinping and American presidents from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama. This gives him a uniquely authoritative perspective on the geopolitics and geoeconomics of East and West.

Lee Kuan Yew’s answers to the questions above are: yes, yes, and no. Yes, China will continue growing several times faster than the United States and other Western competitors for the next decade, and probably for several more. Yes, China’s leaders are serious about becoming the top power in Asia and on the globe. As he says: “Why not? Their reawakened sense of destiny is an overpowering force.” No, China will not simply take its seat within the postwar order created by the United States. Rather, “it is China’s intention to become the greatest power in the world — and to be accepted as China, not as an honorary member of the west,” he said in a 2009 speech.

Western governments repeatedly appeal to China to prove its sense of international responsibility by being a good citizen in the global order set up by Western leaders in the aftermath of World War II. But as Kissinger observes, these appeals are “grating to a country that regards itself as adjusting to membership in an international system designed in its absence on the basis of programs it did not participate in developing.”

via Will China Ever Be No. 1? – By Graham Allison and Robert D. Blackwill | Foreign Policy.

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11 Comments to “* Will China Ever Be No. 1?”

  1. if this happens it will end the 500 years of western dominance


    • True – but India and China dominated world economy before then for hundreds of years. Why not again?


      • Beyond the beautiful hallways of economy there’s an empty shell of poverty,corruption i dont think so they can replicate the west completely


        • Amukand – if you think the West is blameless and uncorrupted, just read about the Libor scandal, the recent horse meat masquerading as beef, lamb etc. See also my other blog – http://what-is-wrong-with-world-economy.blogspot.co.uk/


          • west has colonized the world economically


          • Indeed; and you can add colonised culturally too: jeans, MacDonald, iPhone, Microsoft, Coca Cola and so forth; not forgetting the English language.


          • There are actually many analogies that direct our attention spans to the idea of political corporatism. In many respects, this represents the main pillars of globalization. It would be absurd to state that globalization exists without the prevalence of political corporatism. Throughout the developing third world, corporations invest the resources they need to develop a given facility in order to further their operations. This does not necessarily benefit the nation as a whole, but creates special interests among governments that are already overrun with corruption. At the end, the people endure minimal improvements to their standards of living and the corporations are granted cheap labor and materials to produce consumer products. All the while, the individual western consumer does not even direct a secondary thought about the origins of their Ralph Lauren shirts or Nike running shoes. Yet again, we are given another disproportional balance that creates a humanitarian travesty.


          • We drink, sleep, eat, talk, sing , think, , etc in American way . Truly America combined with continental Western Europe has shaped the landscape of our day to day lives. We have voluntarily surrendered ourselves to western way of life in order to be progressive beings on planet earth. American reign has defeated its predecessor’s empires on planet earth. It is hard to imagine there is not a single ideology or culture that can challenge western way of life . china a so called the superpower of past has once again has risen from ashes ironically its ascend is based on western way of thinking. asian ,African, south American and oceanic identity is under incessant threat. Esoterically thinking old cultures are depleting due to the rapid expansion of American way life.
            In the 21st century, the entire humanity must reconcile itself with the fact that we are all faced with a common destiny, regardless of our nationality. I am confident that we can all agree that peaceful coexistence will stem from diversified points of view. One can argue that incorporating the diversity factor is virtually a necessity when advocating for the distribution of world peace and… stabilization to such a significant degree.


          • Amukand – I wish I was as optimistic as you about the rationality of the human race. I’m afraid that you may be too optimistic. Just look around you. There is Syria, Mali. bombing in Hyderabad, bombing in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. The last three perpetrated by one Muslim group against another. Then there is China declaring huge tranches of the South China seas as its own, upsetting almost all of its maritime neighbours.


          • world would be better off if we are slaves to west rather than slaves to china


          • What makes you think that China is interested in dominating the rest of the world? It seems that all it wants is to be rich and prosperous. Very little sign of ‘Western’ imperialism. The only foreign wars throughout its history have been with some of its immediate neighbours and , usually, about disputed territories. The same can be said for India. The only foreign wars India has engaged in is with Pakistan and China. Earlier ones were as a subject nation of Imperial Britain – in which, Indian soldiers performed extremely well earning many Victoria Crosses.


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