Chinese envoy asks for promotion of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

UNITED NATIONS, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) — A Chinese envoy on Tuesday asked for international efforts to promote the resumption of peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.

There is a need for the international community to remain united and renew its efforts to promote peace talks between the two sides, Ma Zhaoxu, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, told the Security Council.

The parties should meet each other half-way and avoid any action or rhetoric that will aggravate the situation, refrain from any unilateral action that undermines trust, so as to create necessary conditions for the resumption of dialogue, he said.

Curbing violence with violence will not solve any problem. China urges all parties to bear in mind the safety and security of the people in the region and the imperative of peace and stability by exercising restraint to avoid escalation, he said.

The issue of Palestine is the root cause of the Middle East problem and concerns the long-term peace, stability and development of the region, he noted.

He asked for the cessation of all settlement activities on occupied territory, the lifting of the blockade of Gaza as soon as possible, and measures to prevent violence against civilians.

Parties that have influence in the region should play a constructive role, explore new mechanisms of mediation to break the deadlock in talks between Israelis and Palestinians as soon as possible, he said.

Ma also saw the need to uphold the two-state solution and address the root cause of the conflict.

The international community should adhere to relevant UN resolutions, the principle of “land for peace,” and the Arab Peace Initiative, and persevere in resolving the issue in a comprehensive, just and lasting manner through negotiation, he said.

The Chinese ambassador asked to properly address the final status of Jerusalem.

“This issue is complex and sensitive and concerns the future of the two-state solution and peace and security of the region. All parties should proceed with caution, refrain from imposing a solution that might lead to new confrontation.”

Relevant UN resolutions and international consensus should serve as the basis for a solution through negotiation, accommodating interests of all parties, he said.

China firmly supports and promotes the Middle East peace process, the just cause of Palestinians to restore their legitimate national rights and the establishment of an independent state of Palestine with full sovereignty based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, he said.

China will work with the rest of the international community to explore innovative mechanisms to facilitate peace in the Middle East and promote the resumption of peace talks between the two sides and make tireless efforts to realize comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the region, he said.


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