Chinese envoy underscores importance of political settlement to Iraq issue

UNITED NATIONS, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) — A Chinese envoy on Wednesday underscored the importance of political settlement to the Iraq issue while addressing a United Nations Security Council meeting on the situation in Iraq.

“We should continue to adhere to the general direction of political settlement to the Iraq issue,” Ma Zhaoxu, China’s permanent representative to the UN, said at the meeting.

“Achieving inclusive reconciliation and harmonious coexistence among the Iraqi parties is in line with the fundamental interests and the development needs of all Iraqi people,” Ma added.

Noting that Iraq is “at a critical stage” in promoting peace, stability and reconstruction, the Chinese envoy called on the international community to earnestly respect Iraqi sovereignty, independence, unity and territory Integrity, “support the good offices of the UN” and provide constructive assistance for an inclusive political settlement.

“We should continue to support Iraq in its fight against terrorism,” said Ma, noting that “the threats posed by terrorist remnants remain.”

“All parties concerned should strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation, unify standards, crack down on all terrorist organizations listed by the Security Council, consolidate the achievements of counter-terrorism efforts, and resolutely curb the return and spread of terrorist forces and terrorist activities,” Ma added.

“The international community should support Iraq in bringing terrorists to justice in accordance with relevant domestic laws,” the ambassador added.

Noting that the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) “has played an important role” in supporting the Iraqi Government in promoting inclusive political dialogue, national reconciliation and national reconstruction, Ma said that China supports the efforts by UNAMI in its active work in accordance with its mandate.

“In recent years, the Chinese Government has provided Iraq with multiple batches of humanitarian supplies and economic assistance, some of which have been used in areas affected by terrorism,” said the ambassador.

In addition, the Chinese Red Cross also provided medical assistance to the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, which was used to alleviate the difficulties faced by the people of Iraq, he said.

Referring to the current political situation in the country, Ma said that China welcomes the progress in government formation in Iraq and commends the efforts by leaders of Iraq to resolve differences through consultations and dialogue, continuously promoting economic development, improving people’s living standards and accelerating the reconstruction process.

“China will, as always, support any efforts that help the political settlement process in Iraq and fight against terrorism, actively participate in the reconstruction of Iraq, of Iraqi economy, and will continue to provide assistance within our means,” the Chinese ambassador noted.

Source: Xinhua


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