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Baby hatches reveal deficient children’s welfare in China – Xinhua |

Just two weeks after the first baby hatch was established in the south China city of Guangzhou in late January, nearly 80 abandoned infants had been collected from the safe place.

A baby hatch allows a parent to safely and anonymously abandon an infant and consists of an incubator, a delayed alarm device, an air conditioner and a baby bed. A person can place the baby in the hatch, press the alarm button, and leave. Welfare staff retrieve the baby five to 10 minutes later.

The Guangzhou case sparked public discussion, and more baby hatches are set to be established in China. However, experts say simply saving abandoned infants is not enough, and a better system is needed to protect the rights of children with illnesses and disabilities.

A total of 25 baby hatches have been established in 10 provincial regions in China, and more will be set up in another 18 regions, the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) told Xinhua.

The first baby hatch in China was set up in June 2011 in Shijiazhuang, capital city of north China’s Hebei Province.

Many have endorsed baby hatches, hailing them as a sign of social progress and a way to help save the lives of abandoned babies. However, others believe baby hatches encourage people to abandon their unwanted children, which is prohibited by Chinese law.

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Cradle Baby scheme hopes to end female infanticide | Reuters

Unwanted infant girls in the sterile, sparsely furnished nursery rooms of the Life Line Trust orphanage in Tamil Nadu are considered the lucky ones.

A baby girl is seen lying in a cradle inside the Life Line Trust orphanage in Salem in Tamil Nadu June 20, 2013. Thomson Reuters Foundation-Mansi Thapliyal-Files

They are India\’s \”Cradle Babies\” – products of a government project that permits parents to give unwanted baby girls anonymously to the state, saving them from possible death in a region where daughters are seen as a burden and where their murder is a common reality.

\”Often babies are found in ditches and garbage pits. Some are alive, others are dead,\” said A. Devaki, a government child protection officer in the Salem district, one of the worst-afflicted areas.

\”Just last week, we found a newborn baby girl barely breathing in a dustbin at the local bus stand.\”

She added that a lack of education, the low status of girls and widespread poverty were the main factors why girl babies were killed or dumped with little chance of survival.

\”One girl is okay, but a second or third will likely end up being killed. That\’s why we introduced the Cradle Baby Scheme.\”

But while the project has been praised for potentially saving the lives of thousands of Indian girls, human rights activists have criticised it, accusing authorities of encouraging the abandonment of girls and promoting the low status of women in this largely patriarchal society.

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China adoption agency furious over ‘child exchange’ report

Reuters: “China‘s adoption agency said it was “very shocked and furious” about the findings in a Reuters report that exposed how U.S. parents use the Internet to abandon unwanted children they have adopted from abroad, including China.

Adoption (film)

Adoption (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A five-part Reuters investigation published this month found

parents used message boards and forums on Yahoo and Facebook to send their unwanted children to virtual strangers with little or no government scrutiny, sometimes illegally.

“As to the report that refers to American families who are using the Internet to relocate children they have adopted and aren’t willing to continue raising, we are very shocked and furious,” the state-backed China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption said in a faxed statement to Reuters late on Tuesday. The center was responding to a query from Reuters.

“This is an irresponsible act.”

The Chinese adoption center, commissioned by the government to govern overseas adoptions, said it “attaches great importance” to the Reuters report.

The adoption agency said it is concerned about the lack of U.S. government regulation that was revealed in the series and will arrange to hold discussions with “relevant agencies” in the United States.

The adoption agency said it requires families who have adopted Chinese children to provide feedback six times a year in the first five years of adoption. It now plans to demand feedback until the child turns 18.”

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