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China’s $163 Billion R&D Budget – Businessweek

The amount of money China spends annually on research and development has tripled since 1995—reaching $163 billion in 2012, or 1.98 percent of GDP. As China cracks down on corruption elsewhere in government, so too has Xi Jinping’s administration turned greater attention to curtailing massive graft in research fields—including arresting top scientists and administrators suspected of skimming off the top. In June, for instance, Song Maoqiang, former dean of Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications’ school of computer science and technology, was given a harsh 10-year prison term for embezzling $110,000 in research funds.

One component of China’s campaign to clean up corruption is requiring central government agencies to disclose their annual research budgets. In the Aug. 29 issue of the journal Science, two researchers—based at China’s Dalian University of Technology and the U.K.’s University of Nottingham—mined and compiled available budget information to “open [up] the ‘black box’ of China’s government R&D expenditures.”

Three agencies—the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC)—together were responsible for distributing nearly three-quarters of China’s research spending in 2011. The agencies dole out grants through both competitive, peer-reviewed proposal processes (sometimes aimed at achieving national goals or research priorities) and through more inscrutable, contract-based research. In general, the latter is more susceptible to corruption. Defense-related research usually falls into this category.

After combing through extensive records only recently made public, the Science authors, Yutao Sun and Cong Cao, could still not fully determine where all of Beijing’s research money has gone. “Slightly less than half (45.25%) of the central government R&D spending in 2011 is not accounted for,” they write, speculating that it is “likely spent at eight defense-related agencies that have not yet disclosed [their department annual reports].”

The authors calculate that in 2011, China devoted 4.7 percent and 11.8 percent of its total R&D budget to basic and applied research, respectively. That is a much lower percentage than in countries whose science and technology achievements Beijing hopes one day to rival, including the U.S. and Japan. In 2009, the U.S. spent 19.7 percent and 17.8 percent of total R&D budget on basic and applied research, respectively, and Japan spent 12.5 percent and 22.4 percent. “The low share of scientific research expenditure has negatively affected China’s innovation capability and may jeopardize China’s ambition to become an innovation-oriented nation,” the authors conclude.

via China’s $163 Billion R&D Budget – Businessweek.

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