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China Fights Local Budget Corruption With ‘Economic Constitution’ – Businessweek

Revising a budget law, as China’s National People’s Congress just did, sure doesn’t sound very sexy. But Sunday’s move is a crucial step toward fixing some of China’s biggest economic challenges: controlling runaway local debt; curbing rampant official corruption, and stemming the spread of socially destabilizing land seizures.

The Shanghai skyline

The amended law that now requires local governments to publicize their annual budgets is so important that some are calling it the “Economic Constitution,” the China Daily reported on Sept. 1. The revision “will prove a milestone in China’s fiscal history, as it will make the government’s collection of taxes and fees and distribution of its fiscal money to become more law-based and transparent,” the English-language paper reports.

Until now, the finances of China’s tens of thousands of counties, townships, and villages have been split into budget and extra-budgetary funds. With much of the financing falling in the murkier off-budget category, “government departments have a great leeway in managing government funds, which can possibly lead to corruption and abuse of public funds,” the newspaper explains.

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