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‘Fake’ government toppled by Chinese police – Telegraph

It will go down as one of the most audacious attempts at Chinese fakery yet: a bid to forge an entire government.

Police in central China say they have brought down a 'counterfeit government'

That is what police claim happened in Dengzhou, a city 480 miles northwest of Shanghai, in Henan province, with more than 1.5 million inhabitants.

Three of the city’s farmers were this week facing charges of forging official documents after allegedly trying to build a parallel and entirely fictitious government for reasons that remain obscure, the local Dahe News Online website reported.

The “counterfeit government” began operating last September when Zhang Haixin, Ma Xianglan and Wang Liangshuang, three villagers, proclaimed themselves the leaders of the self-styled Dengzhou People’s Government.

The trio reportedly accused the incumbent Communist Party administration of “dereliction of duty” and opened their own headquarters just around the corner from those of the city’s real governors.

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* New punishments for police abusing prisoners

China Daily: “Chinese police will face punishment ranging from demotion to dismissal if they are found to have abused inmates or connived in the maltreatment of prisoners, according to a provision published by the Ministry of Supervision on Wednesday.

Police will be fired if prisoners die as a result of their beating, corporal punishment or maltreatment, as well as their manipulation or connivance in similar misconduct, reads the provision. Dismissal also applies in cases of police found to have harbored criminal activities committed by inmates, or to have helped prisoners escape.

The provision, which will take effect on July 1, serves as a discipline guidance for police in prisons and labor camps, meaning police will face criminal charges simultaneously if their misconduct breaks the law.

In China, those who commit misdemeanors are normally placed in reeducation-through-labor centers instead of prisons. China promulgated a six-article ban governing the conduct of prison and labor camp police in 2006. It prohibits police from abusing prisoners, collecting money and belongings from prisoners families, gambling and drinking in working hours.”

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Another sign of the Chinese government trying to establish the rule of law; part of the reform urged by Premier Wen.

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* Tibetan protester shot dead

31/01/12 update: Indian Express – “In the wake of protests by Tibetans in Sichuan province over self-immolations by monks, China has tightened its control over Buddhist temples and monasteries in Tibet and is taking steps to prevent “trouble-makers” from entering the region.

“The official Chinese media also defended the recent police firing on Tibetan demonstrators as “justified response and accused “Dharmashala” of instigating protests, without directly naming the Dalai Lama.”

24/01/12: Many demonstrators were injured and one shot dead when Chinese police fired into a crowd of demonstrators in Luhuo, which is known in Tibetan as Draggo and located in westernmost Sichuan Province, near the border with Tibet.

It was the second reported shooting of Tibetan protesters this month. The previous one, on Jan. 14, in which two people were reported wounded, took place in Aba, also located in Sichuan Province and 100 miles northeast of Luhuo.

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