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China cuts more red-tape – Xinhua |

I wish the UK government would follow this excellent lead.

“The State Council, China’s cabinet, has decided to abolish another 13 items of administrative approval to reduce intervention in the economy.

The items released on Tuesday involve finance and business qualification reviews.

The decision will help vitalize the economy and strengthen growth, the State Council said.

Facing a complicated global landscape and pressure from an economic slowdown at home, the central government has made transforming government functions a top priority.

State Council agencies have canceled or delegated administrative approval powers on 599 items since March 2013, meeting the target to cut the number of items requiring approval by one-third within the term of this government ahead of schedule.”

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Chinese Students Bolster U.S. College Budgets

NY Times: “Washington Monthly’s annual college issue usually has some fascinating material, and this year is no exception. One example is an article by Paul Stephens on the sharp rise in foreign students on American campuses (to more than 764,000, an increase of roughly 200,000 in less than six years, he says, citing data from the Institute of International Education and the State Department). Many are from wealthy overseas families paying full tuition — and helping to bolster college budgets.

Where are the students coming from? By this reckoning, the bulk of the net increase — more than 160,000 of the 200,000 — has come from China.

Washington Monthly

Mr. Stephens writes:

While administrators promote the diversity and global perspectives these new students bring to campus, it’s clear that such high-minded goals are not the only motivation for enrolling large numbers of foreign students. With state spending on higher education declining sharply over the last five years — it’s down an average of 28 percent nationwide — out-of-state and international students who pay full tuition (and sometimes even additional tuition) have kept these institutions in the black. As state assemblies have cut back, the people of China have picked up the tab.

State Department statistics on F-1 student visas issued to applicants from four selected nations.State Department statistics on F-1 student visas issued to applicants from four selected nations.

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* Students from China add $5b to US economy

Not only does China own more of US debt than any other country, Chinese students account for the number 1 foreign students in the US. On top of it trade between the two is also at a very high level. Any concerns about military conflict between the US and China must be a remote possibility. They are too inter dependent. Never did the US-Soviet relationship approach anything like that of US-China. I hope I am right!

China Daily: “Booming Chinese-student enrollment in United States colleges and universities contributed nearly $5 billion to the US economy in the 2011-12 academic year, an education expert estimated.

“The rise of China as a contributor to the economies of many US institutions mirrors the increasing influence of China in the global economy,” wrote Rahul Choudaha, director of research and advisory services at World Education Services in an e-mail to China Daily.

World Education Services is a New York-based nonprofit that specializes in international education and research.

“In 2003-04, there were 61,765 Chinese students enrolled in the US, contributing an estimated $1.4 billion to the economy. This ballooned to 194,029, contributing nearly $5 billion, in 2011-12,” Choudaha added.

The number of Chinese students enrolled in US institutions of higher education in 2011-12 increased from 157,558 to 194,029, or 23 percent, over the previous year, a new report shows.

The Open Doors 2012 report, published on Tuesday by the Institute of International Education with support from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US State Department, reveals that international students in US universities make a significant positive economic impact on the US.

The report also shows that nearly half of Chinese students favor business and engineering, which became the top two majors among Chinese students.”

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