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A very interesting and optimistic talk from by Kevin Rudd, past PM of Australia –


Rudd: China Boom Over

The Diplomat: “Australia’s second-time Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has wasted no time hammering a nail in the coffin of the China boom after ending the political career of his predecessor. Making his first press statement Wednesday night after successfully challenging Julia Gillard for the Labor Party leadership, the Mandarin-speaking Rudd said Australians must diversify away from the Middle Kingdom.

“The global economy is still experiencing the slowest of recoveries. The China resources boom is over…and when China represents such a large slice of Australia’s own economy, our jobs, and the opportunities for raising our living standards, the time has come for us to adjust to the new challenges,” he said.

“New challenges in productivity. New challenges also in the diversification of our economy. New opportunities for what we do with processed foods and agriculture, in the services sector, and also in manufacturing…..Looking at our global economic circumstances therefore, we have tough decisions ahead on the future of our economy.”

China overtook Japan as Australia’s top trading partner in late 2007 due to China’s seemingly insatiable appetite for Australia’s energy and mineral resources, including iron ore, coal and gold. Two-way trade amounted to A$125 billion in 2012, with Australia becoming China’s sixth-largest source of imports.

However, Beijing’s measures to cool growth sparked the end of the resource boom, with commodity prices tumbling and Australia’s miners slashing jobs and shutting mines. While Gillard’s China visit in April 2013 sparked renewed interest in trade talks, prospects for a free trade agreement (FTA) with No. 2 trading partner Japan have appeared more likely in recent times, as previously noted in this blog.

Rudd attracted criticism during his previous stint as prime minister for bypassing Japan but visiting China in his first major trip, and ironically he was scheduled to visit China on Thursday afternoon to speak at a Beijing summit.”

via Rudd: China Boom Over | Pacific Money | The Diplomat.


* India, Australia to launch n-talks in March

The Hindu: “India will begin talks for a civil nuclear energy cooperation with uranium-rich Australia in March this year.

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid with his Australian counterpart Bob Carr, prior to their bilateral talks, in New Delhi on Monday. Photo: V. Sudershan

“We shall be commencing negotiations on a Civil Nuclear Energy Cooperation Agreement in March 2013,” External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said here on Monday after talks with visiting Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr.

The first round of negotiations conducted by the Foreign Ministries of both countries will be held in Delhi.

The agreement would enable the export of uranium from Australia to India, Mr. Carr said.

“A sense of urgency and purpose will be there. We will move swiftly,” Khurshid said pointing out that India already had similar agreements with a number of countries which could be used as a model.

During the parleys, it was decided that Defence Minister A.K. Antony would visit Australia sometime in March for further discussions on cooperation in defence and security sectors.

This would be the first ever visit by an Indian Defence Minister to Australia.

Australia had agreed to start negotiations on a civil nuclear deal with India during the October visit of Prime Minister Julia Gillard to New Delhi.

In December 2011, Ms. Gillard’s Labour Party had overturned its long-standing ban on exporting uranium to India.

via The Hindu : News / National : India, Australia to launch n-talks in March.


* Australia PM Julia Gillard outlines Asia manifesto

Australia faces the reality of the 21st Century. Others are bound to follow.

BBC: “Australian PM Julia Gillard has outlined a major foreign policy plan aimed at improving Asian ties.

A government white paper sets out 25 national objectives to be met by 2025, with targets ranging from improving trade links to teaching more Mandarin.

Mrs Gillard said she wanted to refocus Australia away from Europe’s “old countries” towards its near neighbours – particularly China and India.

The plan is detailed in a 312-page paper, Australia in the Asian Century.

With Asia on track to become home to most of the world’s middle class in the next 20 years, this was a moment in history to grasp, said Mrs Gillard during the release of the white paper at Sydney’s Lowy Institute.

“The scale and pace of Asia’s rise is staggering, and there are significant opportunities and challenges for all Australians,” she said.

“It is not enough to rely on luck – our future will be determined by the choices we make and how we engage with the region we live in.””

via BBC News – Australia PM Julia Gillard outlines Asia manifesto.

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