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* Migrant workers feel like outsiders in mainland cities, says survey

SCMP: “Despite spending years working in mainland cities, migrant workers still feel like outsiders and say their only sense of happiness comes from their families, a Renmin University survey has found.


They also see themselves as the bottom of society and feel alienated because they have no influence on their lives or society in general, the survey found, with young migrant workers even gloomier about their prospects.

The findings underscore the challenge facing the new administration in realising premier-in-waiting Li Keqiang‘s high-profile commitment to people-oriented urbanisation.

The survey of 2,011 migrant workers, conducted in 20 major cities, found their sense of happiness came mainly from the satisfaction of their basic needs, such as income and education, how close they were to home and how often they could see their children.

Most said they felt that their social standing was very low and they were less happy than those who thought more highly of themselves. More than half of those with low opinions of themselves felt lonely, bored and incapable of having an impact on their lives or society.

The survey also found that migrant workers were not necessarily happier in more economically developed cities, with those in central and western regions where competition was less fierce generally more content.

Professor Hu Ping , from Renmin University’s psychology department, which conducted the survey, said the government should pay more attention to the well-being of migrant workers.

“Not just their basic living requirements and food but also their social needs such as being recognised, accepted and respected by society,” Hu said. “Their needs to participate in social life should also be met.”

Compared with a similar survey last year, migrant workers’ living standards had improved but their sense of happiness from social involvement and social standing had dipped.

Wang Junxiu , a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Social Science, said the survey showed that the sense of happiness of migrant workers was not entirely based on how much money they made but also how they felt about the future.

“The core of urbanisation is how to make these migrant workers urban residents and from the survey we see the migrant workers are not … wanting different levels of needs one by one,” Wang said. “Instead, they need to fulfil their needs at the same time and the government should do more to make them integrate into society.”

Hu said the government should be alert to the class awareness of migrant workers and work out strategies to effectively resolve conflicts among different social strata to avoid conflict.

Professor Ye Yumin , from Renmin University’s school of public administration and policy, said urbanisation should mean not only that people could move from place to place but also allow them to move up the social ladder. “Otherwise it is not successful,” she said.

Ye said it was the government’s job to create a fair channel for migrant workers to move up and the most effective way was through education.

via Migrant workers feel like outsiders in mainland cities, says survey | South China Morning Post.


* Migrant workers invited to prominent holiday gala

Xinhua: “Four migrant workers were invited to a high profile gala on Saturday evening, which was once mainly reserved for distinguished intellectuals.

Chinese leaders Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan and Zhang Gaoli were present at the event organized by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee to mark the upcoming Lantern Festival.

New guests to this year’s show also include representatives from different sectors and model workers.

Liu Yunshan hosted the gala and in his speech highlighted the contribution of intellectuals and ordinary workers to the country’s achievements and called for joint efforts from ordinary workers in all walks of life to contribute to the nation’s great rejuvenation.

China has 260 million migrant workers by 2012. They usually leave their hometown to seek employments in urban areas.

The Lantern Festival falls on Sunday this year and traditionally marks the end of the Spring Festival season.”

via Migrant workers invited to prominent holiday gala – Xinhua |


* China to help migrant workers in urbanization

China Daily: “Chinese authorities on Thursday underlined the need to help rural migrant workers become urban residents, calling it an important task for the country’s urbanization, according to its first policy document for 2013.

To promote urbanization, especially concerning migrant workers, China will put forward reforms of its household registration system, loosening requirements for obtaining residency permits in small and medium-sized cities and small townships, the document said.

The country also vowed more efforts in providing professional training for migrant workers, ensuring their social security and protecting their rights and interests, according to the document.

Migrant workers should enjoy equal rights and benefits in payments, education of their children, public health, housing and cultural services, the document said. It added that authorities will work to extend basic public services to all permanent residents in cities.

The central government also urged more serious attention be given to the left-behind population, namely children, women and old people in rural areas after their family members go to work in cities.

Local authorities at all levels as well as the public should guarantee the rights and safety of the left-behind population with support, help and care, said the document.

The first policy document, issued by the central committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council every year, is dubbed the No 1 central document. This is the 10th consecutive year in which the document has focused on rural issues.

Chinese official data showed that the country’s migrant worker population amounted to 253 million by the end of 2011, among which 159 million were working away from their homes.”

via China to help migrant workers in urbanization |Economy |

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