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India’s Parliament Just Had the Most Productive Session in Years – Here’s How It Did It – India Real Time – WSJ

India’s Parliament is not known for its productivity. Disruptions, adjournments and delays to proceedings are often a feature of parliamentary business in the world’s largest democracy.

But the recently-concluded budget session was the most productive in recent years, according to PRS Legislative Research, an organization that tracks the affairs of the Indian Parliament.

During the four-month-long sitting, productivity in India’s lower house –the number of actual working hours as a percentage of the total scheduled hours for parliamentary business – was 123%.

That’s the most productive the lower house, known as the Lok Sabha, has been in 15 years. In fact, the lower house decided to extend the session by three days.

The upper house was slightly behind, with a productivity measurement of 101%.

“A lot of financial business got done, a lot of legislative business got done and a lot of issues of national importance were discussed,” said Chakshu Roy, head of outreach at PRS Legislative Research.

“Both the houses met for a longer period of time and that’s the reason the productivity of the Parliament has gone up,” he said.

Such prolonged discourse eventually results in robust policies and laws, which ultimately helps in better governance, said Mr. Roy. ”If you debate something extensively, then the different nuances of the subject come out,” he said.

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* India parliament ends in deadlock

BBC News: “The latest session of India’s parliament has ended without resolving deadlock which paralysed it for days.

The Gevra coal mine in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh

The impasse was caused by an uproar over alleged corruption in the allocation of coalfield concessions.

The opposition BJP wants the government to cancel the awards and hold an independent probe.

Earlier this week, police raided companies which allegedly misrepresented facts prior to being awarded coalfield concessions.

State auditors say India lost $33bn (£20bn) awarding coalfields at below market rates in the years up to 2009.

The auditors’ report does not mention Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, but BJP leaders say he must step down because he had direct responsibility for the coal ministry when most of the awards were made.

Mr Singh denies any wrongdoing and has refused to resign.

Parliament was deadlocked for 13 of the 20 days of the monsoon session which concluded on Friday without much business being done.

Some 30 bills were due to be considered and passed during the session, but very little legislative work was done.

“This session is likely to be remembered for the work that was not done,” the chairman of the upper house, Hamid Ansari, said.”

via BBC News – India parliament ends in deadlock.

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