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* Landmark lawsuit demands compensation for pollution victims

Xinhua: “In a landmark lawsuit, two non-governmental organizations NGOs have demanded compensation of 10 million yuan (1.58 million U.S. dollars) from companies which dumped toxic chemicals in southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

Friends of Nature FON and the Chongqing Green Volunteer Association exchanged evidence with the defendant, Luliang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. and Luliang Peace Technology Co. Ltd. in court on Wednesday. If the the NGOs win the case, the compensation will be used for environmental rehabilitation in the polluted areas in Qujing city, said Guo Jinghui, a spokeswoman of FON.

Qujing city’s environmental protection bureau also joined as plaintiff in the lawsuit, which was filed last September and accepted by the city’s Intermediate Peoples Court in October 2011. The court has set up a special environmental protection tribunal, but the trial date has not been confirmed, said Guo.”

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