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Two dead in separate stabbing sprees across China

  • Suspect in attack in Fujian province missing after jumping into river following attack on ex-wife’s boyfriend and group of pedestrians
  • Man detained on suspicion of carrying out fatal attack in Guangzhou province
PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 January, 2019, 4:34pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 January, 2019, 5:03pm

Two people have been killed and 27 injured in separate mass stabbings in China on Monday.

In the first incident one man died and 19 people were injured in Fuzhou, the capital of the southeastern province of Fujian.

According to Fuzhou News, a motorcyclist attacked a group of a pedestrians after getting into an argument with his former wife, a woman named Huang, and stabbing her new boyfriend.

The report named the suspect as a 48-year-old called Hou and said that he had confronted his former wife at her home in Jianxin town at around 8pm.

After stabbing the boyfriend the attacker then rode off on his motorbike, before attacking a group of people in the street.

Hou, who was divorced in November, was reported to be missing after jumping into the river.The report did not provide further details on the victims.

A witness told Beijing Youth Daily that while returning home around 9pm, she saw a man and a woman collapse with stab wounds on the city’s Pushang bridge.

“I thought he was a beggar so I did not give him much attention. Later, I saw a woman collapsing to the ground as well and people running away from the scene, urging others to run,” she told the reporter.

Another witness told local radio station FM987 that the attacker pulled his motorcycle over in front of a street stall selling shoes, said nothing and then stabbed the stall owner in the stomach.

He fled immediately on the motorcycle, and the crowd quickly called the police.

One woman was stabbed while she was standing at a crossroads and making a phone call was sent to the Jinshan branch of the Fujian Provincial Hospital.

“That man just came up to her and stabbed her all of a sudden, before fleeing,” the victim’s son told local media.

The second attack in Dongguan, a manufacturing hub in the southern province of Guangdong, left one person dead and eight injured.

Police have arrested a man named Tan in connection with the attack and confirmed they were investigating the case.

Few details have been made available, but officers said they did not believe it was a terrorist attack.

One local resident posted on a WeChat group on Monday evening: “Everyone, please don’t go out. There is a psycho in Huaide area stabbing people randomly. He doesn’t just stab everyone but attacks suddenly.”


Chinese subway train collision leaves one dead, three injured

  • Chongqing metro rail loop opened two weeks ago and is still in trial operation
  • Train driver died in hospital while two other staff and one passenger treated for injuries
PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 January, 2019, 2:39pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 January, 2019, 2:39pm
Martin Choi

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The driver of a subway train in southwestern China was killed and three other people were injured when it smashed into protective barrier doors on Tuesday night, less than two weeks after the metro rail line opened.

Station staff on the Chongqing rail transit loop line evacuated 30 passengers and took one passenger, who sustained a slight hand injury, and three injured rail staff, including the driver, to hospital.

The train driver later died in hospital.

The front of the train was damaged and the first compartment offset, but not derailed, when it collided with the protective doors protruding on to the track area between two stations, according to the Chongqing Morning Post.

Chongqing’s railway transit company said three stations along the affected 4km (2.4 miles) route were out of service, while the rest of the metro loop line was still in operation.

The 34km northeastern section of the Chongqing rail line opened on December 28, 2018 and is still under trial operation.

There are 24 stations in the new section, built with an investment of 22.2 billion yuan (US$3.2 billion), with 17 stations currently open, according to local media reports.

The cause of the incident is being investigated.

The protective doors used in Chongqing are a feature of the mountainous city’s rail system and were primarily used in wartime, a staff member of the city’s rail transit department told online news portal

“Protective doors were primarily used during the anti-Japanese war and now to prevent nuclear catastrophes,” the employee said.

During the second world war, hundreds of wartime bomb shelters were built into the sides of mountains in Chongqing to provide protection from Japanese bombardment.


Seven dead as Indian police fire on Kashmir protesters

SRINAGAR, India (Reuters) – Seven civilians died and dozens were injured when Indian security forces opened fire at people protesting the killing of three militants in a gun battle in restive Kashmir on Saturday, police said.

People offer the funeral prayers of Zahoor Ahmad, a suspected militant, who according to local media reports was killed during a gun battle with Indian soldiers, in Sirnoo village in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district

December 15, 2018. REUTERS/Danish Ismail


Defence spokesman Colonel Rajesh Kalia said an operation was launched in the morning in response to intelligence reports about the presence of militants in a village in Pulwama district, south of the state’s summer capital Srinagar.

“During the operation militants fired upon troops, leading to a gun battle in which three militants were killed,” he said.

A senior police officer, who was not authorised to speak to the media, said large numbers of local people then gathered at the site, leading to clashes between them and security forces in which seven people were killed and about 50 injured.

An eyewitness, Mohammad Ayuob, told Reuters Indian troops fired at the locals when they tried to retrieve the body of a militant.

Jammu and Kashmir is mainly Hindu India’s only Muslim-majority state. India and Pakistan both rule the region in part but claim in full. India accuses Pakistan of fomenting trouble in its part of Kashmir, a charge Islamabad denies.

The Himalayan state has been particularly tense over the past few months as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party pulled out of local government, leaving a power void.

Widespread protests have broken out in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir over the killings. Security has been tightened and troops rushed to potential hotspots. A curfew was imposed in Pulwama town and surrounding areas, according to media reports.

The separatist group Hurriyat Conference called for a three-day strike and protests across Kashmir.

“Bullets and pellets rain!” its Chairman Mirwaiz Omar tweeted, adding that their supporters would march towards an army cantonment on Monday so that the Indian government can “kill all of us at one time rather than killing us daily”.

Authorities have suspended train services in the Kashmir Valley and shut down mobile internet services to try and prevent the unrest from spreading.

Indian security forces say they have killed 242 militants this year. In addition, 101 civilians and 82 security officials have also died, according to officials. The total death toll in violence is the highest in more than a decade.

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