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Bus crash kills 29 in northern India

Onlookers and Indian police gather around the crumpled remains of a bus that crashed on the Delhi-Agra expressway, near Agra on July 8, 2019.Image copyright AFP
Image caption The bus was carrying about 50 people and travelling from Lucknow to Delhi

At least 29 people have been killed after a bus they were travelling in went off an expressway in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The crash happened early on Monday near the city of Agra, 336km (208 miles) from the state capital, Lucknow.

The bus was carrying about 50 people and travelling from Lucknow to the Indian capital, Delhi.

Road accidents are frequent in India, with one taking place every four minutes.

Locals rushed to the spot to help and rescued 20 injured passengers.

Reports said that the driver fell asleep and lost control of the double-decker bus before it went off a highway and plunged into a drain below.

The 165km (100-mile) Yamuna expressway from Delhi to Agra is one of India’s longest six-lane motorways.

Source: The BBC


‘There is no water. Why should people stay here?’

Image caption Hatkarwadi hasn’t seen decent rains in three years

Every morning Dagadu Beldar, 75, wakes up and cooks rice and lentils in his village home in India’s western state of Maharashtra. After that, there’s little else to do.

For the past three years, Mr Beldar has lived alone in his gloomy one-room hut in Hatkarwadi, a stony hillside outback ringed by forests. Drought forced his wife and three sons out of the village. The earth was parched and the wells were dry. There was little water to drink and bathe in, and the family’s millet farm lay barren.

Two sons found work at a sugar factory in Sangli, a cane-growing district some 400km (248 miles) away. Their mother looked after the third son, who went to school there. Hatkarwadi had become a bad memory.

With age, Mr Beldare is going deaf. He mostly keeps to himself in his dark room.

“He’s a very lonely man. He hasn’t seen his family in three years. All because of water,” says Ganesh Sadgar, a neighbour.

Dagadu Beldar
Image caption Dagadu Beldar lives alone after his family left the village because of lack of water

Across the lane, 75-year-old Kishan Sadgar’s only son left home a decade ago to work in a sug