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Gas explosion injures 66 at funeral in China after cooking canisters leak

  • Two people under criminal detention after guests suffer serious burns
  • Initial investigation finds the blast was caused by leakage from liquefied gas being used by a chef
Chairs were left strewn as people fled after the explosion. Photo: Weibo
Chairs were left strewn as people fled after the explosion. Photo: Weibo
Two people have been detained after more than 60 were injured in northern China on Sunday when gas canisters being used to cook for them at a funeral exploded.
Sixty-six people suffered burns in the blast, which an initial investigation found was caused by leakage of liquefied gas from tubes that were worn out, the local government said on Tuesday.
A cook was using the gas at around noon to prepare food for funeral guests gathering in a village in Bazhou, Hebei province, when a gas leak triggered an explosion, according to a government statement on WeChat, China’s most popular social media platform.

Some of the injured had sustained serious burns but none were critically injured, the statement said.

An unspecified number of people have been held responsible for the incident, and two of these were under criminal detention, it said.

Korean BBQ gas tank explodes in China, killing one and injuring 10

In a video showing the explosion’s aftermath, posted by, people can be seen running to vacate the scene as dozens of chairs lie scattered on a road in the village where two lines of dinner tables had been set up for guests, with cooking equipment and two gas canisters alongside.

In September, five people died after a liquefied gas tank exploded in a residential building in Hebei’s Baoding city, official media reported.

A total of at least 80 people were killed and over 900 were injured in blasts related to the commonly used cooking fuel last year, according to a report by Gas Explosion, a WeChat public account specialising in data analysis of such incidents.

Source: SCMP


Beijing school attacker injures 20 children

File photo of a schoolImage copyrightISTOCK
Image captionThe attack took place in a school in Beijing (not pictured)

Twenty primary school students in Beijing have been injured in an attack at their school by a hammer-wielding man, say officials in China.

The attack took place at around 11:00 local time (03:00 GMT) said Beijing’s Xicheng district in a statement on social media site Weibo.

Three children were reported to be seriously injured but stable.

The alleged attacker has been arrested. It is not clear what motive the suspect might have had.

Some reports say he was a former maintenance worker at the school.

The attack took place at the Beijing No.1 Affiliated Elementary School of Xuanwu Normal School, according to state-media outlet the Global Times.

The Xicheng district said it would work together with other government authorities to carry out a full investigation.

The attack comes after a Chinese man was executed on Friday for injuring 12 children in a knife attack at a nursery in China.

Violent crime is rare in China but there have been several attacks on school children in recent years.

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