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Anger over ‘disgusting’ food found in Chinese school kitchen

Rotten breadImage copyrightSUPPLIED
Image captionRotting bread was among the food found in the kitchen

One of China’s most prestigious high schools has been the target of public anger after piles of expired mouldy food were found in its canteen kitchen.

Mouldy bread, rotting meat and seafood were discovered at the Chengdu No 7 Experimental High School.

One parent told the BBC of his horror and disgust, saying the food was “stinky and disgusting” and compared it to pig slop.

The school has now apologised, saying it is deeply “embarrassed”.

Food safety scandals are not uncommon in China and they often leave authorities scrambling to defuse public outrage.

How did they discover the food?

The scandal first emerged when a small group of parents were on Monday invited to attend a tree planting event at the private high school in Chengdu, the capital city of China’s Sichuan province.

While at the school, a group of parents discovered mouldy bread, rotting meat and seafood items in the canteen kitchen canteen.

It is not clear why exactly they chose to stop by the kitchen, but one parent that the BBC’s Lulu Luo spoke to referenced an incident earlier last November where numerous school children came down with stomach-aches, constipation and various other ailments.

Rotten foodImage copyrightSUPPLIED
Image captionWhat looks like seafood and meat were seen in cardboard boxes

“[The items looked like they had] been in a freezer for years, [it looked] like zombie meat,” the father, who has a daughter and son enrolled in the school said.

“I smelled the pork, it was stinky. [There was] ginger, which looked disgusting too.”

Food strewn on the groundImage copyrightSUPPLIED
Image captionAnd chestnuts were seen strewn on the floor
Rotten foodImage copyrightSUPPLIED
Image captionWhat appears to be tripe is also seen covered in dirt of some kind

According to the father, the private school costs 39,000 yuan (£4,380; $5,800) a year – about 20 times the amount a public school would cost.

“We don’t even let kids have leftover food at home… I spent tens of thousands of dollars and my kids are having pigwash there,” he said.

“I dare not tell my younger son… I’m worried he might not dare to eat canteen food after that. My daughter has been telling me she has a stomach-ache. I [told] her she might have just over exercised.

“It breaks my heart.”

How did parents react?

Horrified, the group of parents shared the pictures on social media, which were soon discovered by other parents.

According to the same parent, the school immediately transported the mouldy food away in two trucks.

One truck was intercepted and stopped by a swarm of angry parents who showed up at the school in protest, he said.

Parents protestingImage copyrightSUPPLIED
Image captionHundreds of parents stormed the school in protest

Videos that emerged on social media on Wednesday showed hundreds of parents angrily protesting outside the school gates.

Police were seen using brute force against them, with one video showing a group of policemen slamming a man against the ground.

In another video, parents can be seen clutching their eyes in pain, with some local news outlets saying police used pepper spray against them.

Chengdu police later posted a statement on Weibo saying 12 people had been arrested.

It said the parents had “severely disrupted” traffic and insulted the police. They were later released on the same day.

Presentational grey line

‘Why should they be trusted with anything?’

Stephen McDonell, BBC China correspondent

People overseas sometimes mistakenly think that there are not many protests in China. Actually, acts of dissent break out quite often and can erupt suddenly.

If family members are harmed, especially when under the care of a school or a kindergarten or a hospital, then orderly, calm communities can transform with scenes of anger spilling out onto the streets.

Faulty medicine, tainted milk powder, investment scams and perceived abuse of students under the care of teachers have all triggered public anger directed at the officials whose job it is to keep the community safe.

If the Chinese Communist Party is not enormously worried about these incidents they have all led to collapse in public faith in the system.

If local officials cannot even manage to give school children lunch which is not covered in mould then why should they be trusted with anything?

Presentational grey line

What has the school said?

The Chengdu school later released an apology, and said it would stop taking food from its current supplier.

The school is one of the most prestigious in China and had in the past been named among China’s “Top 10 outstanding private schools”.

It said that those responsible would be dealt with by the law, saying it was “embarrassed” by the incident and that it would not happen again.

However, the parent the BBC spoke to said the case was not an “isolated incident”, saying that the same supplier catered to “over 100,000 students from across 20 schools”.

Wenjiang district government – the district in Chengdu that the school is in – issued a statement on Wednesday that said eight people responsible for food safety at the school were being investigated by authorities.

It said that 36 students from the school had been admitted into the local hospital for a check-up -all were later discharged.

The district government also said that the raw food would be sent for testing, adding that a “comprehensive and in-depth investigation” would be held into the matter.

Source: The BBC


Chinese schools under fire after demanding parents pay for tablets

  • Students at one middle school were told they could join an ‘experimental class’ if they paid US$590 for a designated device
  • That class was later scrapped because of a lack of interest, while the principal of the other school clarified that its plan was not compulsory

Chinese schools under fire after demanding parents pay for tablets

21 Feb 2019

Parents took to social media asking why they had to buy a new tablet when they already had one, and questioning why a specific model was needed. Photo: Alamy
Parents took to social media asking why they had to buy a new tablet when they already had one, and questioning why a specific model was needed. Photo: Alamy
Two schools in northern China have come under fire from parents after they were asked to spend thousands of yuan on tablets for their children’s studies, with one forced to cancel its plan for an “experimental class” due to a lack of interest.

At that school, paying for the device would have given a student a place in a top class where they had access to the best resources.

Earlier this week, Yuying School in Yongnian county, Hebei province demanded 3,000 yuan (US$450) from parents of Year Seven students so that tablets could be bought to assist their studies, Red Star News reported on Wednesday.

They were told via a message on social network WeChat from one of the teachers. It said students should bring the money on Thursday – the first day of the new term – because the private school wanted to “teach using tablets to improve classroom efficiency”. Screenshots of the message have been circulating on social media.

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But some parents were against the idea, asking on the WeChat group why they had to buy a new tablet when they already had one, and questioning why a specific model was needed.

“We have several tablets at home – can’t my child use one of them at school?” one parent asked.

Another wrote: “I’m just wondering if this tablet is really worth 3,000 yuan.”

The reaction prompted school principal Li Jinxi to clarify on Wednesday that the tablet purchase was not mandatory, and staff had “misunderstood the policy”, according to the report.

“There could be some minor impact for those students who don’t buy the tablet but it won’t be a big deal because we will also continue to use traditional teaching methods,” he was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, at Gongyi No 1 Senior High school in Henan province, students were told they could join an “experimental class” if they paid 3,980 yuan for a designated tablet, according to a report on news app Kuaibao on Tuesday.

The school had contacted some of its top students to take part in its “smart class cloud teaching experiment”, the report said.

But the Gongyi education bureau later posted a statement on Weibo, saying only about 70 of the school’s 520 students had signed up for the plan so the school had decided to scrap the idea and would refund the money to parents.

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The school was not the first in China to give students a chance to enter a top class if they bought tablets. In 2015, a school in Longkou, Shandong province told students that those who did not pay for a tablet would end up in “ordinary classes”. After the move caused uproar, the school ended up offering a free three-month trial of the devices, with students then able to choose whether to buy one or not – a decision that would not affect which class they got put in.

Source: SCMP


12 students injured in blast at Pulwama school in south Kashmir

The injured students are reported to be student of class 10 at the Falah-i-Millat School.

INDIA Updated: Feb 13, 2019 15:50 IST

HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
pulwama,explosion in school,explosion in kashmir
One of the injured students at the hospital in Pulwama on February 13.(ANI/Twitter Photo)

Twelve students were injured in an explosion at a private school in south Kashmir’s Pulwama on Wednesday. The blast took place around 2.30pm.

The injured are students of class 10 of the Falah-i-Millat school in Pulwama’s Narbal town. Seven of them have been referred to Srinagar Hospital for further treatment.

They have been rushed to the government district hospital in Pulwama for treatment.

“I was teaching and then suddenly an explosion occurred. I can’t say how many students are injured,” Jawed Ahmed, a teacher at the school where the blast took place told news agency ANI.

The police have lodged a case and are investigating the nature of the blast.

Source: Hindustan Times


Beijing school attacker injures 20 children

File photo of a schoolImage copyrightISTOCK
Image captionThe attack took place in a school in Beijing (not pictured)

Twenty primary school students in Beijing have been injured in an attack at their school by a hammer-wielding man, say officials in China.

The attack took place at around 11:00 local time (03:00 GMT) said Beijing’s Xicheng district in a statement on social media site Weibo.

Three children were reported to be seriously injured but stable.

The alleged attacker has been arrested. It is not clear what motive the suspect might have had.

Some reports say he was a former maintenance worker at the school.

The attack took place at the Beijing No.1 Affiliated Elementary School of Xuanwu Normal School, according to state-media outlet the Global Times.

The Xicheng district said it would work together with other government authorities to carry out a full investigation.

The attack comes after a Chinese man was executed on Friday for injuring 12 children in a knife attack at a nursery in China.

Violent crime is rare in China but there have been several attacks on school children in recent years.

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