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China army says roots out ‘illicit’ apartments in graft fight | Reuters

Even the PLA is not immune to anti-corruption campaign.  This means Xi and Li have a stronger grip of power than some of their recent predecessors.

China\’s People\’s Liberation Army has discovered in a corruption probe that its troops \”illicitly kept\” more than 8,000 apartments and 25,000 vehicles, state media said on Tuesday.

But those who benefitted will apparently escape punishment and only have to give them up.

President Xi Jinping, who as chairman of the Central Military Commission is also China\’s top military official, has called corruption a threat to the Communist Party\’s very survival, and vowed pursue powerful \”tigers\” as well as lowly \”flies\”.

China intensified a crackdown on rampant corruption in the military in the late 1990s, banning the PLA from engaging in business. But graft has intensified in recent years due to a lack of transparency and checks and balances.

The PLA said its probe had \”uncovered more than 8,100 apartments and more than 25,000 vehicles kept illicitly by its personnel\”, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

There was, however, no mention of punishment.

\”Various PLA units have promised to return illegal housing and eliminate secretaries that were not allowed; they have also vowed to strictly regulate the use of military vehicles,\” Xinhua said.

\”PLA units have held criticism and self-criticism meetings and submitted reports to echo a Communist Party of China drive to clean up undesirable work styles such as … bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance.\””

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College Grads: The PLA Wants You!

BusinessWeek: “Over the past decade, China has invested significantly in higher education—and roughly quadrupled the number of students graduating college annually, to about 7 million. Unfortunately, demand for diploma-holders in China hasn’t kept pace, and the bleak job prospects of the class of 2013 are a frequent source of lament on Weibo, China’s Twitter. Even the state-run Global Times newspaper, usually known for patriotic boosterism, recently printed a depressing chart suggesting that the number of available new positions for graduates has actually been declining.

Delegates from Chinese People's Liberation Army pose for photos outside the Great Hall of the People

One institution is expanding its efforts to recruit college graduates: the People’s Liberation Army. The Beijing News has reported on a change in hiring policy that took effect on June 24. In addition to increased financial compensation, army recruits who have graduated from universities in Beijing will be eligible for permanent Beijing residence cards, called hukous, after they complete their tours of duty and find other jobs in the city. The sought-after hukou is required to purchase an apartment or send children to school in Beijing—in short, to set down permanent roots in the city. In recent years the government has been allocating fewer new hukous for private employers to grant employees in China’s over-crowded capital.

The PLA is aiming to upgrade the caliber of recruits. “Many of the skills and specialties that the PLA needs can only be obtained by attracting civilian college graduates,” says Andrew Scobell, an expert on China’s military at RAND. While joining the army has long been an appealing option for rural students with limited schooling or career choices, it’s been a hard sell among educated urbanites. “The PLA continues to have a tough time attracting well-educated recruits with skills the military needs,” says Scobell. “These new [hiring] policies underscore this ongoing challenge” and also “take advantage of the opportunities presented by the tougher job market for college graduates.”

Beijing is home to China’s leading universities, including Peking University and Tsinghua University—often dubbed the Harvard and MIT of China, respectively. Whether or not the PLA’s recruitment policy will be extended to students in other cities remains to be seen.

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* Fear over PLA loyalty before party congress sees propaganda frenzy

One would think that in a country with a single ruling party, loyalty to the party and loyalty to the country means the same thing.  But obviously, the CPC is concerned that some soldiers (or more importantly their generals) may see a significant difference between these two loyalties. The mere fact that the PLA is asking the troops to be loyal to the party must mean there is some serious doubt about their loyalties!

SCMP: “A frenzy of military propaganda that started more than six months ago calling for absolute loyalty to the Communist Party stands in stark contrast to the atmosphere before the party congress in 2002, analysts say, adding that it highlights concerns about the army’s stability.


The People’s Liberation Army Daily carried another article on its front page yesterday on the ideological education of the troops, this time written by General Li Jinai, a member of the Central Military Commission and a former chief of the PLA’s General Political Department.

“[We] should strongly oppose the arguments for separation of the army from our party, a politically neutral army or the nationalisation of the PLA and other incorrect political ideas,” Li wrote in the article, first published in the November issue of the party journal Qiushi.

Zhang Lifan , a Beijing-based political analyst, said such unease stemmed from too many “uncertainties” in the leadership reshuffle at this month’s party congress.

“Today’s political uncertainty in the top leadership has never happened since the party came to power in 1949,” he said , referring to the next leadership line-up, which is apparently not finalised even though the congress opens in less than a week.

“And the sense of crisis today over the party’s reign is comparable to th